[UPDATE] MobileTechCon At Its Best: 1st MobileTech Awards – 27 March 2012, Munich – Win a Ticket!

Logo MobileTech Conference 2012

MobileTech Conference 2011 SummitThe MobileTech Conference 2012 offers a varied evening event including diverting presentations covering the topics mobile development and business. As a specific feature, the 1st MobileTech Awards on 27 March 2012 will be granted at Munich’s Holiday Inn Munich City Centre hotel (Hochstrasse 3, 81669 München, Germany). This full-lenght event for mobile enthusiasts can be booked without any charge and does not imply participation in the MobileTech Conference.

The program:

6.30 pm – MobileTechCon Open Reception with Snacks & Drinks

7.30 pm – Keynote: NFC – Quo vadis? by Dr Florian ResatschServtag (Friendticker)

8.15 to 8.45 pm – Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera

8.45 to 9.15 pm – MobileTechCon Awards Ceremony

Afterwards: MobileTechCon Lounge

Click here to register
To international visitors: Please note that the MobileTechConference will be presented mainly in German language.

Update – 23 March 2012

Surpise, surprise – The upcoming Mobile Tech Conference 2012 (26-29 Mar) will give us a free main conference ticket to win for Munich Web Week readers!

Prize details –

The winner will get a two-day MobileTech Conference access (main conference) from 27 to 28 March 2011.

How to win –

If you’d like to join the competition we would like to ask you to send the following text via Twitter:
Join MobileTech Conference 2012 (26-29 March, Munich) @MobileTechCon #mtc12, powered by @MunichWebWeek

To join the share the text as a tweet until 25 March (end of competition).

So, come on –
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For sure we do not intend to store any personal details. Follow us on Twitter @munichwebweek because we prefer to contact you via direct message in case that you will have won.

The competition will be is closed on since Monday, 25 March, 2012, 8 pm CEST.

In case of winning you will automatically allow us to publish your real name, Twitter name, and city of residence.

– Good luck!

(General disclaimer in German language: „Der Rechtsweg ist ausgeschlossen.“)

For sure we would appreciate

Update – 27 March 2012

The lucky winner is Thorsten Rohrscheidt (@Powerocach)  from Stuttgart-Gäufelden – Congrats!

The nominees for the MobileTech Awards

Shortlist: Mobile Ambassador

Shortlist: Mobile Company

  • 6 Wunderkinder
  • Cultured Code
  • Enough Software
  • Madvertise Mobile Advertising
  • Sponsormob

Shortlist: iOS App

  • hotel.de
  • myTaxi
  • SoundCloud
  • Wunderlist
  • Zeit online

Shortlist: Android App

  • Frankfurter Rundschau
  • hotel.de
  • HRS Hotelportal
  • Mobiles Vertriebs-cRM
  • LINEAS N-TV Android News App

Shortlist: Crossover App

  • HRS Hotelportal
  • Lufthansa
  • tagesschau
  • WeatherPro
  • Wunderlist

Shortlist: Windows Phone App

  • EDEKA-App
  • hotel.de – Windows Phone 7 App
  • Michael Müller Verlag
  • Sovia-list2go
  • Wikitude – Windows Phone

– Photo Credits: MobileTech Conference via Flickr

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[UPDATE] LeWeb 2012: Spring Discount on Paris Event in December, London Premiere in June [VIDEOS]

LeWeb Logo

LeWeb Logo

For 2012, LeWeb conference thrills its visitors for the first time with a double impact. Europe’s biggest web event, founded by Loïc Le Meur and his wife Géraldine, will premiere in advance of the Olympic Games in London in June. Nevertheless the entrepreneurs and web show will take place in Paris as usual during the beginning of December from 4th to 6th.

In London, LeWeb take place at the historical Westminster Hall, nearby famous Big Ben. In a recent video, Loïc and Geraldine underline their approach about the expansion –

It’s not a replacement for Paris, it’s an addition. […] Start-ups, entrepreuners, VCs, business angels, launch companies – same ocktail like LeWeb in Paris is coming to London
[which is] just a warm-up for Paris“. […] It’s like fashion, right. You have summer, you have winter.

– Source: LeWeb via YouTube

Update 1 April 2012

This week the registration for early bird tickets started and kicks with a 50 percent early bird discount. LeWeb 2012 Paris comes with Spring tickets (available until 15 March 30 June 2012) starting from 1,150 Euro for 1,390.00 Euro (2,300 Euro regular ticket price for full event). The „Very Early Bird“ LeWeb 2012 London event costs 700 GBP 950 GBP (1,500 GBP regular) for two days.
And for both events, attendees will pay 1,895 Euro 2,340 Euro (i.e. 1700 1,960 GBP) (available until 15 April 2012).

In the meantime just have a look at the 2011 promo video:

– Source: LeWeb via YouTube

– Additional picture credits: Locita.com

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MobileTech Conf Competition – And the Winner is…

MobileTech Conference 2011

MobileTech Conference 2011Today at Munich the MobileTech Conference will open its doors (as reported earlier).

As an official media partner and supporter we recently announced that one of our blog’s readers will get a 2-day-pass for the main conference.

Finally we have a winner and SHE is:@androidding
Congratulations and have fun!

– To all participants: Thank you for your tweets and comments!
Next time you could be a lucky one as well.


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Win a Ticket for MobileTech Conference!

MobileTech Conference 2011

MobileTech Conference 2011

We have great news – the upcoming Mobile Tech Conference 2010 (28-30 Mar) will give us a free main conference ticket to win for our blog’s readers!

MobileTech Conf grand prize details –

The conference pass (value: 599 Euro) will open a TWO DAY MobileTech Conf experience from 29 to 30 March 2011. The lucky winner will be able to access the main conference with keynotes.

How to win –

To spread this awesome news we would like to ask you to twitter the following news (same or similar):
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The winner allows us automaically to publish his real name, city of residence and Twitter name.

– Good luck and Cheers!

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