Meet Germany's Social Web Class of 2012 – re:publica 12, 2-4 May at Berlin

Banner Logo re:publica 12 #rp12

Banner Logo re:publica 12 #rp12

Spring is already here, but Germany’s national social web spring will be kicked again traditionally by the main convention re:publica in Berlin. From May 2 to 4, 2012, the big, fat web summit aka #rp12 initially occupies a new venue. After more than 3,000 bloggers, geeks, nerds, webgrrls and their friends and families, in 2011, the fresh re:publica enterprise which was recently founded, decided to go the step ahead and will enter the breathtaking location STATION-Berlin with its historical halls of the former „Postbahnhof“ at Berlin Gleisdreieck S-Bahn station –

 [It] will provide the setting for Europe’s most exciting, inspiring and enjoyable conference about social media, blogs and digital society […] [with] an agenda reflecting the freshest minds, stories, and subjects from all over the world. […] After five prosperous years, re:publica will reinvent itself once more.

As the the organisation committee has already dropped some details, the upcoming event will be probably more exciting than ever!

Some regular tickets are still available starting at EUR 130 for a three-day pass. Additionally the exclusive business tickets including lounge access, delicious slow food, and high speed registration (i.e. joining #rp12 straight ahead) are offered for EUR 500 fee each.

– Click here to register for re:publica 12.

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Community & Marketing SUMMIT 2011 – 7-9 June at Hamburg, Germany

Community & Marketing 2.0 SUMMIT

Community & Marketing 2.0 SUMMITTwitter, Facebook & Co. play a central role in most marketing and business strategies these days. It is essential for the success of these social media activities to engage users in the long run and keep their level of interaction high. Is Gamification, the use of gaming and rewarding principles, a key to sustainably increase user participation in communities and social marketing concepts?

Two parallel tracks discuss practical knowledge of social media and gamified marketing, viral campaigns, brand reputation management, community engagement design as well as community & social media monitoring.

Keynotes are presented by Pétur Jóhannes Óskarsson (Game Master & Researcher/ CCP Iceland), Sebastian Deterding (Graduate School of Media nd Communication) and Community Consultant Kirsten Wagenaar from The Netherlands.

Company representatives from ARAG Versicherungen, BMW, DailyDeal, DATEV,,, Hansgrohe, Microsoft,, Rügenwalder Mühle,, telegate, Telekom etc. present their lessons learned and success factors.

In addition, the SUMMIT offers three intensive seminars on community moderation, the optimization of Facebook fanpages and social media competence on June 7.

Budget prices are still available until May 23, 2011.

Click here for more information and registration


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