The Switch For A Global Social Web Event Calender (Editors Note)

Hi there:

As you may have noticed, within the last days we translated the regular items of Munich Web Week into English language. But it is not just about that.

Munich Web Week will change its agenda to become an international social web event hub, still with the Bavarian Prussian German editorial impact. We decided to bring our blog to another stage of quality, i.e. in the upcoming future the well-known calendar will adress substantially more aspects of real-world actions and offline meeting hubs.
– Why?

As you already have recognized, in and around Munich including Southern / Upper Bavaria region takes places a growing number of on-going and single event highlights during the year.

But with the approach to cover relevant meetings – yes, we still focus only on relevant social web conferences, barcamps and parties after-event discussions! – we finally have to understand that the input throughout the annaul schedule is limited.
As seen from 2009 until now, we integrated a rising number of European and global announcings on upcoming social web events and conferences. Today, these schedule items can be sum up significantly to more than a half of the Munich Web Week coverage, yet.

But don’t worry – we are still the same guys and the local heroes will stay still the same.
We are looking forward to get your impressions about this, let’s say marginal shift.

Stay tuned, thanks for listening reading and have fun here!

– Yours,

Munich Web Week Editors

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Start von Munich Web Week

Herzlich willkommen: Munich Web Week ist online!

Im Oktober 2009 wird in München der Startschuss fallen: Zum ersten Mal findet die discuss & discover – Motto: beyond bits & bytes – statt, das neue Event für IT, Media und Communications in München und Nachfolgeveranstaltung der Systems. Dazu werden mehrere tausend nationale und internationale Besucher aus Unternehmen, Forschungseinrichtungen und Verbänden erwartet. Auf den Live-Events werden aktuelle Entwicklungen und Trends diskutiert. Chancen, Perspektiven und Veränderungen der Branche sind immer massiver geprägt von Web-Einflüssen in allen Produkt- und Unternehmensbereichen.

Direkt vor und nach dem Event werden zahlreiche Veranstaltungen mit Fokus Web 2.0 stattfinden. Dies bietet Anlass zu einer Premiere, die bereits jetzt stattfindet:

Alle Web-Termine der Stadt

Weiterlesen Start von Munich Web Week